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Year 4

Welcome to Year Four

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Meet the team

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Year 4 Summer Term


Dear parents/guardians,


We hope you had a lovely Easter, and your children are well rested and raring to go this summer. We have a busy term ahead, with an action-packed curriculum, discos, the fete, sports days and, of course, our Malvern residential.


Below, you will find an overview of what we will be covering this term.



This term, our writing will link to other areas of the curriculum, including science and history. We will continue to explore wide range of text styles and genres in our English lessons, looking at the features of different styles of writing, the vocabulary associated with different genres and how structure and plot can vary between genres. We will produce writing that is both fiction and non-fiction. During the course of the term, there will continue to be a big focus on basic skills, handwriting and on broadening vocabulary.



To tie in with our historical study of the Ancient Egyptians, we will be reading ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by acclaimed author Emma Carroll. This a fascinating tale set in 1922 London, expertly blending fiction with real life events and characters. Also, in our reading lessons, we will look at extracts from a wide range of novels, and will explore texts linked to the wider curriculum. Each class will also have their own story book, which will be read to the class at the beginning of every afternoon. Book Club will take place on a weekly basis, and we can’t wait to see what children add to the class reading scrap book each week.  


Your child will be bringing home one of our level-appropriate books from our reading scheme. We are asking our children to read five times independently at home and we ask for your support in this by recording their reads on ‘BoomReader’ and, when possible discussing their reading. We look forward to hearing about what they have been reading. On Fridays, we will look on BoomReader to see how often the children have been reading at home. All children who read five times a week will be entered into a half-termly draw where they have the chance to win prizes.



We will start this term by looking at decimals, money and time. Following this, we will look at shape, statistics, then finish the year by looking at position and direction. Just a reminder that in Year 4, children are formally assessed on their times tables in June, in line with the national multiplication tables check. Therefore, it is imperative that children can quickly and accurately recall all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. We will be learning and practising tables in Maths lessons and would appreciate it if you could encourage your children to continue learning them at home. We will be holding a parent meeting to discuss this in more detail (see ‘Key Dates’ for date and time of meeting).



P.E kits are required to be worn to school on the day of your child’s P.E. lesson. This term, P.E will continue to be on a Wednesday afternoon. The school P.E. kit consists of plain black shorts or joggers, a plain black sweatshirt or hoody, a white t-shirt (with or without the school logo) and trainers. Please ensure that if your child wears earrings to school, these are either removed by the child themselves or taped up with tape provided from home. Our first outdoor PE unit on a Wednesday will be athletics, and when the weather improves lessons will start to take place on the field.



PPA will continue to be on a Thursday morning. The first PPA session will be on Thursday 11th April 2024.

  • 4A are swimming in the first term and therefore will need their swimming kit every Thursday. They should come into school in their school uniform.
  • 4G and 4S should come in P.E. kit on Thursday for PPA as one of their sessions will be P.E based.



Wider Year 4 curriculum

This half term, we will be studying ‘Animals including humans’ in science, looking at food groups, digestion and how living things are interlinked through food chains and food webs. After this, we will be revisiting ‘Living things and their habitats’, looking closely at the impact humans have on the environment.


In geography this half term, we will be studying environmental regions across the world. We will be focusing on maps skills and using different sources to compare factors such as climate and population. Natural resources will also be investigated and how this can be a positive or a negative for that region.


In history, we will begin the term by studying the achievements of the earliest civilisations with a specific focus on Ancient Egypt. We will explore the role of the Pharaoh, buildings such as temples and tombs, communication including hieroglyphs and artwork and ancient inventions. In Summer 2, we will continue studying achievements of the earliest civilizations, focusing on The Shang Dynasty.  


In R.E, we will be studying ‘Christianity’, focusing specifically on the events that happened at Pentecost. We will look at Bible passages and think about how this event informs Christians daily practices and lives and how this event it celebrated. We will reflect on our own lives and how key messages can improve our own lives such as love and responsibility. 


In R.H.S.E, our topic will be ‘Healthy Me’. This will explore themes such as friendship, roles within groups, the affects of smoking and drinking alcohol, and how we can build inner strength.




Correct school uniform must be worn at all times, and all garments must be labelled with your child's name. The labelling of swimming kit and bags would also be extremely beneficial.



In line with our HEART values, we aim to promote good health here at Trinity Primary School. With that in mind, only fruit and vegetables are permitted as break time snacks.


Malvern Residential

Excitingly, we are heading to Boundless Outdoors, Malvern, for our 2-night residential on Monday 1st July. We will speak about it with the pupils much closer to the time, and we will also hold an evening parents meeting with you (see ‘Key Dates’) to go through the finer details of the trip.      


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this newsletter, and thank you for your continued support this year. Below you will find a list of key dates and our timetable for the Summer term. If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via one of the email addresses shown below.


Our kindest regards,


The Year 4 team


Miss Abraham –

Miss Steele –

Mr Goodarzi –



Key Dates:

Wednesday 10th April 2024 - Maths MTC parent meeting, 5:30pm – 6pm

Monday 29th April 2024 - Year 3-6 Calculation afternoon 2:30-3:00pm

Wednesday 22nd May 2024 - Malvern Parent Meeting, 6pm

Friday 24th May 2024 - Year 4, 5 & 6 disco - during school hours in the afternoon. It is also non-uniform day - bring a bottle.

Friday 7th June 2024 - Non-uniform day - bring chocolate.

Friday 21st June 2024 – Summer Fete

Wednesday 26th June 2024 – Phase 2 Sports Day

Monday 1st July to Wednesday 3rd July 2024 – Year 4 Malvern residential trip