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Parental controls

With children and young people accessing the internet on a range of devices in our modern world, the job of protecting them from things they may not be ready for online can be an increasing challenge. In the last few years, a wide range of monitoring software solutions have been produced that can allow you to see what children are doing online and set digital boundaries.

The video below will provide you with some helpful tips surrounding this type of software and more information can be found at Guide to monitoring apps for parents | Internet Matters.

Internet Matters - The Best Internet Monitoring Apps for Parents

If using an Apple device (iPad touch, Mini, Generation, iPhone etc.) you can limit the websites that you would want your child to access. Here’s where to find out how:
iOS: Understanding Restrictions (parental controls): Apple Support


Most internet providers have security controls for parents to help you choose the right level of protection for your child. You can control age appropriate content. See links below to find out how for different devices: Block adult web content in iOS7 Be Web Smart


The NSPCC offer advice in relation to setting up parental controls on different devices, Apps, website and many more. Help and guidance can be found at Use Parental Controls to Keep Your Child Safe | NSPCC


More information can also be found on the UK Safer Internet Centre website: Parental controls offered by your home internet provider - UK Safer Internet Centre

Digital resilience Toolkit - Using parental controls and privacy settings

Dr Linda give advice on the importance of creating an online environment for children to explore safely while they gain in confidence and build their digital resilience. To learn more visit: 🔗 Links: Visit for over 70 parental control how-to guides for major networks, devices, services and entertainment providers in your home.