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Reading at Home

Reading is at the HEART of our school and instilling a love of reading in our children.  

Children will bring two books home from school:  one from our progressive reading scheme, Bug Club and another of their choice from the class library.  Please encourage your child to read one of these books at least five times a week and record their reads on Boom Reader!


Class Reading Scrapbooks

Each week, children volunteer to bring home their class 'Reading Scrapbook' where they will be able to decorate a page all about their favourite book.  Please ask the class teacher for more information on this. 



Reading regularly and discussing books is wonderful for developing reading skills.  Here are some questions and tips to ask when reading at home. 

Questions and tips when reading at home:

- Discuss the book's front cover before reading and make predictions.  What could this book be about?

- Read the blurb together and see if any of your first predictions have come true.

- Read the book together or take it in turns to read.

Ask questions:

- Which character is your favourite in the book and why?

- If you could be friends with any of the characters, who would you choose?

- What was the most exciting part of the story?

- Why do you think it ended the way it did?

- If you could re-write the ending, what would you change?

- How is this similar to any other books that you have read before?

- How does _____ feel at this point in the story?  How do you know?

-  What do you think might happen next?

-  What does this word mean and what does it tell us about ______?