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Y5 Curriculum

In Year 5, we have been working hard to ensure that the children are receiving a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum. 


During the Autumn term, our overarching theme is the study of Ancient Greece, and the impact it has had on modern society. Through this, we will be studying the humorous 'Who Let The Gods Out', written Maz Evans. We will also be studying the Americas (North and South), Earth and Space, and will read a wonderful book called 'Armstrong'. During this term, the children will also experience the fascinating Explorer Dome, where they will have an opportunity to visit our Solar System and beyond, all from the comfort of an indoor planetarium. 


In Spring, our focus will shift on to The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, and how they shaped Britain. Our very own Viking Day will give the children the opportunity to dress like a Viking, and they will have a day filled with games, stories, artefacts and even battles. We will study the wonderfully written 'Beowulf', retold by the supremely talented Michael Morpurgo. In art, we will be studying the works of Frida Kahlo, with the aim of recreating her style in our own selfie-projects. 


Finally, in Summer, we will study The Victorians, examining what life was like in Britain during this time, and will be doing a local history study, investigating what life was like in Herefordshire during this era. We will read the emotional 'Street Child', written by Berlie Doherty, and will visit Blists Hill Victorian town. We will study biomes, living things and their habitats, and will aim to take learning outdoors as much as possible. Also, excitingly, we will be performing our very own Year 5 play.