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Year 1

Welcome to Year One

1B - Miss Bradley and Mrs Hussey

1F - Miss Flower, Mrs Best and Mrs Boden

1P - Mrs Preece and Mrs Anderson 


Year 1 is also supported by Miss Burton and Mrs Wride.



Autumn Term


We welcome the children in starting their new journey into Key Stage 1 this term and look forward to all the exciting learning opportunities we have in store.


A key part of the transition into Year 1 is the children becoming more independent and feeing confident to come into school themselves and organise their belongings at the beginning of the day. It gives them a sense of pride when they feel they are able to do this and we love to see the children grow in confidence in the first half term and into the second half of the autumn term. Parents and carers can support this by encouraging their child/children to leave them at the school gates and we will support this transitional period by having staff available in the morning to help children come across the playground to the Year 1 cloakroom door.




Spring Term 

We welcome the children back for the start of the spring term and look forward to the new term ahead full of fun and learning. We are so pleased with the independence of the children in the autumn term with coming into school independently and organising themselves on their arrival and before home time. This half term starts with our theme 'Outer space' and texts that link including the book 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon. Books your child might like to read which are our favourites include 'Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram and 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.

We have an unexpected spaceship crash landing with Beegu onboard and our special visitor a police officer who has come to help us investigate the scene and write our police report. We will then continue our English lessons around our key text for the duration of the first half term including a visit from the Explorer Dome to explore and investigate space further. We can't wait! 


The second half of the term is around the theme 'Away with the wind' and will focus around a Literacy Shed clip about a little boy and the adventures he has with his Grandad one sunny day. We will be exploring the skies and travelling around the United Kingdom to make links with Geography, and looking at the history of flying machines. 

Forest School

Year 1 will be visiting the environmental area this term with 1B going autumn first half and 1F going the second half.  The children love getting their wellies and waterproofs on ready for their Tuesday afternoon exploring nature. Class 1P will be enjoying some Forest School session in the Spring term.


We have been having great fun!  

Key Dates


  • PE lessons are on Thursday afternoons.
  • Swimming sessions are weekly,  class 1P and 1B are Monday mornings and  class 1F Tuesday mornings.


  • Year 1 Hearing Screening Tests - Monday 13th January and Tuesday 14th January 
  • Explorer Dome Friday 7th February 2020 
  • Year 1 Spring Production 



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