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Year 1

Welcome to Year One
Mrs J Preece 1P  Miss S Lawrence 1L  Miss C Bradley 1B
Picture 1 Mrs J Preece
Picture 2 Miss S Lawrence
Picture 3 Miss C Bradley

Our TAs.......

Our TAs....... 1 Mrs M Anderson
Our TAs....... 2 Mrs H Boden
Our TAs....... 3 Mrs K Best
Our TAs....... 4 Mrs M Jones

Spring Term 1 - Buzzing Bees

Spring Term 2 - Traditional Tales


To begin our Buzzing Bee topic we held a cross-curricular day of workshops all linked to bees. We were fortunate to have a bee keeper, Meriet Duncan visit for the day to teach us all about bees. She has also written a children’s book called ‘Betsy Valentine and The Honeybees’ which she read a chapter to us. During the day the children learnt how to keep bees and explored a real bee hive (no bees included!) and even tried on bee keeping suits during a workshop with Meriet. The children also made a 3D life cycle of a bee, and programmed beebots to travel around the floor mats to reach the flowers. We had a great day with so much learning, the children were buzzing with information afterwards!




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Forest School

Year 1 have been enjoying forest school sessions in our conservation area this year, with each class having 6 weeks of sessions linked to our topic at the time. The children love getting their wellies and waterproofs on ready for their Thursday afternoon exploring nature.


For the Spring term we have linked our sessions to bees, and have been lucky to explore and smell some raw honey in the honeycomb straight from the hive. It smelt so sweet! We have also used natural materials along with some recycled objects to make our own little bees and danced them around the woodland area. We have also started to create our own bee hotel for wild bees and other bugs. We hollowed out elderflower branches using skewers and scraped off the bark with butter knives, to then pack them in with newspaper to create a snug home in a recycled orange box.


We have been having great fun!  

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Picture 5


During the Spring term we have been learning to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 building on our skills learnt in Reception and in the Autumn term. We always include lots of practical work in our maths lessons to help children to learn to count in multiple and secure their understanding. Including working with money, counters and dienes to name a few. We have been looking at the methods of recording including arrays which will support children when we are looking at times tables later in the year and into Year 2.


The book we have been looking at this half term has been related to our bee topic, and is called 'The boy who lost his bumble' by Trudi Esberger. It is a lovey book all about a boy who loves bees and one day they all fly away, luckily they return at the end of the story and all is well again. The children have loved doing character descriptions based on his physical appearance and feelings throughout the story, and writing a persuasive advert to stay in their bee hotel. We have also written a bee diary as if we were the little boy describing each of his bees, and used our own bees made in forest school to help us give our own bee a character. 


During the Spring term we have began by exploring the season of Winter and enjoyed looking at the varying weather we have had, and also how animals live during this season including hibernating and adapting to their environment. We enjoyed Winter walk's to investigate and record what we can see.

We will also be exploring plants as part of our science lessons, so far we have planted bulbs which we will see grow into bee friendly flowers. We have looked at the parts of a plant and began by labelling the parts we have learnt about. 

Spring Performance

This year we are doing our first ever Spring performance with our Year 1 classes, and links to our topic of bees. We are proud to present The Bee Musical at the end of the first half term to all our friends and family. The children have been practising all the songs and their lines, and we are all so proud of how confident they have become. We're sure the songs are being sung at home every night! 


Our first performance is on Monday 11th February at 1:30pm, followed by an evening performance on Thursday 14th February at 6:00pm with the children arriving at 5:30pm to change into their costumes. 


We look forward to seeing you all! 

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