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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Trinity

The Design and Technology curriculum at Trinity is organised into blocks with each block covering a particular set of disciplines, including food and nutrition, mechanisms, structures, systems, electrical systems, understanding materials and textiles. Vertical progression in each discipline has been deliberately woven into the fabric of the curriculum so that pupils revisit key disciplines throughout their Primary journey at increasing degrees of challenge and complexity.

In addition to the core knowledge required to be successful within each discipline, the curriculum outlines key aspects of development in the Working as a Designer section. Each module will focus on promoting different aspects of these competencies. This will support teachers in understanding pupils’ progress as designers more broadly, as well as how successfully they are acquiring the taught knowledge and skills.


Working as a Designer





The art or process of deciding how something will look or work.

Create something by combining materials or putting parts together.

Form an opinion of the value or quality of something after careful thought.

Use something or make something work in a particular situation.