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Welcome to Reception



R 1 Poppies:    Mrs Truelove and Miss Hoare

R 2 Bluebells:   Mrs Ammonds and Mrs Dunbar

R 3 Buttercups: Mrs Silcox and Mrs Wills 


Across all classes: Mrs Gardiner, Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Symonds (Reading support)


Phonics Presentation

EYFS Long Term Planning

Welcome to Early Years

Autumn Term 2019


A very warm welcome to the Early Years at Trinity Primary School! We hope that you have all had a relaxing summer! We are really looking forward to getting to know all of you and, of course, the children; helping them settle in and adapt to their new daily routines. During the first half of this term, the children will be getting to know their new classmates and making lots of new friends. They will also be able to explore their new school and meet the people that are going to be helping them with their learning.


During the settling in period we will spend lots of time with your child getting to know their likes and dislikes and getting a feel for how they learn.  Children learn in a variety of different ways and it is important that we adapt the teaching and learning to suit your child.


Here are a few of the fun things that we get up to!


"Dough Disco" - moulding dough to fun music.  Each child has their own pot of dough and follow a set of fun actions to mould their dough into various shapes to music.  The aim of the session is to help the children develop the muscles in their hands and fingers to develop the strength needed to use equipment such as scissors to cut and pencils to write.


"Read me a Story" - after the first week or so the children will bring home a story book of their choice from the class library. This book will be for you to read to them at bedtime.  We want the children to learn a love of reading from an early age and you can help by reading them a bedtime story.  The children will not be expected to read these books themselves!


"Talk4Writing" - we spend lots of time learning rhymes and stories with simple actions to support the story telling.  We are sure that your child will have great fun telling you the stories that we learn.


"Phonics" - once the children are settled we start to learn our letter sounds.  Once the children have mastered a few of the sounds you will be amazed at how many words they will begin to read.  Later in the term we will hold a Phonics Meeting for you to attend so that we can explain in more detail how we go about teaching phonics to your child.


"Caring for our hens" - the children will be encouraged to help care for the "girls," Trinity, Stripey, Harriett and Henrietta, our resident hens.  The hens are extremely friendly and love to interact with the children.  They can often be seen wandering around the classrooms to see what is going on, they are very nosey!


If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher.  Please be aware that mornings can be very busy as we are settling children into class.  However, we are always available at the end of the day or by email.  If you need to make an appointment then please feel free to ask.


Mrs Ammonds, Mrs Silcox and Mrs Truelove

Many thanks to all the parents who came to our Phonics and Reading Workshop.  We hope that you found it useful and gave you some helpful hints and information.

Phonics and Reading Workshop for Parents

Monday 30th September 2019


At the workshop you will find out how we teach your child to read by looking at phonics and other ways of supporting the children. 




Some useful websites for you and your child.


We are very fortunate at Trinity to have access to the fantastic resource that is Tapestry. Tapestry is an online resource for the Early Years which allows us to compile individual online learning journals for the children; it forms an integral part of our observation, assessment and analysis which ensures children are appropriately challenged and supported to progress in their learning. In addition to this Tapestry allows parents the opportunity to view their child's learning journals from their own computer or smart phone; keeping you up-to-date with your child's weekly learning. Parents are also able to upload their own observations of learning and achievements that happen outside of school which can then form a part of our assessments. If you need any help to interact with Tapestry, please talk to your child's class teacher who will be happy to help you.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!