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Welcome to Early Years
Picture 1 Mrs C Preece - Poppies and Early Years Lead
Picture 2 Miss S Evans - Buttercups
Picture 3 Mrs A Ammonds - Bluebells

and our TAs........

and our TAs........ 1 Mrs C Dunbar
and our TAs........ 2 Mrs J Wills
and our TAs........ 3 Mrs J Hussey
and our TAs........ 4 Mrs P Gardiner

Autumn Term 2018


A very warm welcome to the Early Years at Trinity Primary School! We hope that you have all had a relaxing summer! We are really looking forward to getting to know all of you and, of course, the children; helping them settle in and adapt to their new daily routines. During the first half of this term, the children will be getting to know their new classmates and making lots of new friends. They will also be able to explore their new school and meet the people that are going to be helping them with their learning.


During the summer break the classrooms have all been decorated and the outdoor areas have been up-dated.  The staff are very excited about all the improvements.


During the settling in period we will spend lots of time with your child getting to know their likes and dislikes and getting a feel for how they learn.  Children learn in a variety of different ways and it is important that we adapt the teaching and learning to suit your child.


Here are a few of the fun things that we get up to!


"Dough Disco" - moulding dough to fun music.  Each child has their own pot of dough and follow a set of fun actions to mould their dough into various shapes to music.  The aim of the session is to help the children develop the muscles in their hands and fingers to develop the strength needed to use equipment such as scissors to cut and pencils to write.


"Read me a Story" - after the first week or so the children will bring home a story book of their choice from the class library. This book will be for you to read to them at bedtime.  We want the children to learn a love of reading from an early age and you can help by reading them a bedtime story.  The children will not be expected to read these books themselves!


"Talk4Writing" - we spend lots of time learning rhymes and stories with simple actions to support the story telling.  We are sure that your child will have great fun telling you the stories that we learn.


"Phonics" - once the children are settled we start to learn our letter sounds.  Once the children have mastered a few of the sounds you will be amazed at how many words they will begin to read.  Later in the term we will hold a Phonics Meeting for you to attend so that we can explain in more detail how we go about teaching phonics to your child.


"Caring for our hens" - the children will be encouraged to help care for the "girls," Trinity, Stripey, Harriett and Henrietta, our resident hens.  The hens are extremely friendly and love to interact with the children.  They can often be seen wandering around the classrooms to see what is going on, they are very nosey!


If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher.  Please be aware that mornings can be very busy as we are settling children into class.  However, we are always available at the end of the day or by email.  If you need to make an appointment then please feel free to ask.

Many thanks to all the parents who came to our Phonics and Reading Workshop.  We hope that you found it useful and gave you some helpful hints and information.

Phonics and Reading Workshop for Parents

Tuesday 18th September 2018


At the workshop you will find out how we teach your child to read by looking at phonics and other ways of supporting the children. 




Some useful websites for you and your child.


We are very fortunate at Trinity to have access to the fantastic resource that is Tapestry. Tapestry is an online resource for the Early Years which allows us to compile individual online learning journals for the children; it forms an integral part of our observation, assessment and analysis which ensures children are appropriately challenged and supported to progress in their learning. In addition to this Tapestry allows parents the opportunity to view their child's learning journals from their own computer or smart phone; keeping you up-to-date with your child's weekly learning. Parents are also able to upload their own observations of learning and achievements that happen outside of school which can then form a part of our assessments. If you need any help to interact with Tapestry, please talk to your child's class teacher who will be happy to help you.

Autumn Term 2


We hope you have all had a relaxing half-term break and the children’s batteries are re-charged!! During the last-half term the children have forged new and, hopefully, long-lasting friendships and have settled into life at Trinity School. The children have grown in independence and are comfortable with their school environment. They are now confident spending lunchtime play out on the big playground when they enjoy meeting up with big brothers and sisters and older friends! The children have enjoyed re-visiting well known nursery rhymes and I am sure that you all know the story of “The Little Red Hen” really well now!


We are looking forward to a fun-filled and exciting second half-term. Our overriding topic will be “Our Enchanted World.” We will be finding out about the different festivals and celebrations that are celebrated including, of course, Christmas!We shall, of course, be learning about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and also finding out about Diwali – the Hindu Festival of Lights. This will provide the children with an opportunity to compare how people celebrate traditions differently.During this half term we will be reading a variety of stories including Owl Babies, The Gruffalo and the story of “The Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson.





Happy New Year and welcome back!


We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.


We had an extremely busy time leading up to the Christmas break and the children excelled themselves in learning the songs for our Christmas production “A Wriggly Nativity.” We were so proud of every single one of them. A BIG WELL DONE CHILDREN. We never cease to be amazed at how quickly they grow in independence and confidence.


The first half of the Spring Term will, of course, be just as exciting and fun-filled as the Autumn Term. We begin with our over-arching topic “We are Explorers.” Your child will be introduced to a wide variety of stories involving adventures and exploration. We will be going on walks to explore the local area and will be introducing “Welly Wednesday” a day when your child’s class will visit the conservation area and be involved in outdoor activities.


After School Club


During the Spring Term we will be running an after school story time club called “Adventures in Book Land.” This will be available to only children in Reception. Further details will follow shortly with regard to day and time. However, please note that there may be a limit on the number of places available but if successful we will run the same club during the second half of the Spring Term to allow other children the opportunity to attend.



Chinese New Year


We have had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year and finding out about China.  We have located China on a map and looked at where it is in the world compared with the United Kingdom.  We have also explored what foods are eaten in China and have tasted noodles, Soy sauce and prawn crackers.  Red is considered a very lucky colour in China and we have made red lanterns and lucky red purses.


Safer Internet Day


The younger children were read a story about Buddy the dog who helps his young owner to make the right decisions when using the internet on his tablet.  They also learned a song about keeping safe on the internet.


The children have been learning these sounds.

Set 1:

m a s d t i n p g o c k u b f e l h r j v y w v x z

as well as

ch ng nk qu sh th

These are learnt individually, as part of real words and as part of nonsense words.

Some useful websites include-


The children will also begin to learn the following sounds:

Set 2:

ay ee igh ow oo (zoo) oo (look)

ar or air ir ou oy

These sounds are used in real and nonsense forms to assess if a child can see/read the phonemes within words. For example pay is p-ay (2 phonemes) not p-a-y (3 phonemes) though the mistake is understandable. So its nonsense form could be thay (th-ay) or vay (v-ay) or any other reasonable form that the children could read.


Some useful websites for set 2 phonemes include:

Spring Term 2


We have had such an exciting and busy second half of the Spring Term.  The children have been learning about new life through our  super topic "Fur, feathers and scales."  This has included finding out about the life cycle of the frog and chickens.


During Welly Wednesday the children have been exploring the conservation area participating in investigations and other outdoor activities.


The children had a visit from a representative of the Blue Cross when they were given a talk about caring for our pets. 


The children were then taken on a fantastic trip to Weston Cider Farm where they found out about how to make cider and apple juice and had a tour of the sheep and cattle on the farm.


The children have also had a visit from the school nurses who talked to them about how to care for their teeth.


However, the most exciting time for the children has been the hatching of the new chicks and caring for them.  The children have been watching them grow and develop from the day they hatched and will continue to help care for them as they join our current flock of hens.

We will finish the Spring Term with yet another trip - this time to the Butterfly Farm at Symonds Yat.

Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo, Symonds Yat


We had a wonderful time during our visit to the Butterfly Zoo.  The children discovered all about the life cycle of the butterfly and enjoyed the challenge of seeking out eggs on leaves, caterpillars, the cocoons in the "nursery" and the beautiful butterflies that flew freely around us. We have uploaded some stunning photographs on Tapestry for you all to see. 


The children also practised their golf skills with a round of mini golf!  We finished our trip in the maze where all 88 children explored how to get to the middle. 


We were blessed with glorious weather and, as always, the children were a credit to Trinity Primary School.


We are now looking forward to our final trip of the year "the seaside" on the 25th June.



Summer Term 1


Where has the time gone?  It doesn't seem like two minutes since the children started at Trinity and we are now into our final term together. We are looking forward to some lovely warm and sunny weather for us to spend as much time outside learning. Please remember to send your child to school with a hat and plenty to drink in the warmer weather.  Sun lotion should be applied before school and should last the day.  However, children can bring in named sun lotion, to keep in their drawer, to reapply if necessary.


We start the summer term learning with a question "Are all mini beasts scary?"  We will be answering this by going on bug hunts, looking at habitats and finding out about creepy crawlies!


During the Summer Term we begin to think about the move the children will be making to Year 1.  This is your child’s last term in Reception and we will be doing a tremendous amount of work both academically and emotionally to help them become a Year 1 child.  A smooth transition from Reception to Year 1 is of vital importance so regular attendance is essential to each individual child and is a priority in our school.



Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!