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Trinity Primary School

Believe and Achieve

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Vision and Aims

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At our school, our shared vision is that every child is given the best possible education that we can provide. 


This means that they are happy and sociable; they are safe and feel secure.  We want to inspire them through highly engaging learning experiences and for them to learn that sometimes learning can challenge them.  We want to inspire them to achieve their full potential so that they can be successful at the next stage of their education and take their learning into their longer lives.  We want them to look back fondly at their time at this primary school with the memories of good times, friendships and experiences. 



Trinity’s Core Aims

  • Trinity will be a safe place where children feel valued and secure; both physically and emotionally.
  • Trinity will provide a high quality of education to every child; encouraging and offering them a range of curriculum experiences.
  • The curriculum will ensure that all children have opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and experiences in all subject areas; curriculum design will ensure that all pupils have learning experiences that are carefully sequenced and planned to be ambitious, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with SEND,
  • All pupils can achieve their full potential and reach academic, artistic and sporting success.
  • At Trinity, a high emphasis will be placed on the support and achievement of any child who may be vulnerable for whatever reasons.
  • Our children will be informed about appropriate aspects of safeguarding and be able to manage the challenges that might lie outside the safety of our school.


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