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School Council

Our school council represents the views of all our pupils and has representatives from all year groups with Reception joining our school council in the Summer term. They take pride in wearing their badges and all put themselves forward for the role as they felt they had all the qualities needed to be a fantastic school council member.


Their jobs include organising fundraising for charities including Children in Need and raising money for school projects which include new playground storage benches which are coming soon. The school council work on improving our school, sharing ideas and helping teachers to create a positive, inviting environment through pupil voices and views.


The children have each got a note book which they use to gather ideas, comments and information from their peers to bring to the meetings on Thursday lunchtimes with Mrs J Preece. They all work together in the meetings to share ideas, make suggestions and make decisions. Afterwards they feedback to their class what has been discussed and carry out tasks when required.


The older members of the school council take part in school events such as open days and evenings where they carry out tours and talk about their school. This year as always, they did a fantastic job and always have wonderful things to say about what we have to offer, and talked passionately about their school.


Keep up to date with our projects and fundraising on the school Facebook page.

School Council News board 


Autumn term updates

Children in Need fundraising 2017

Children in Need fundraising 2017 1

Monday 20th November 2017 

The school council's first fundraising event of the year has been organising the fundraising day for Children in Need 2017. They presented a launch assembly prior to the day before doing a fun filled assembly on Friday 17th November, where everyone showed off their spots and celebrated the day thinking about children who are in need and how we have helped them by fundraising. The school council also found out which class had won the Round Pound Challenge which was...... 1A- Mrs Ammonds' class with 21 old pound coins! The total amount me raised to follow shortly. 


Friday 25th November 2017

The money raised for Children in Need raised from wearing spotty clothes, the Round Pound Challenge and a charity run by some of the Year 6 pupils raised a total of...... £826!! What an amazing amount and a massive THANK YOU to all staff, pupils and parents/carers for all your support to help. 


Picture 1
Friday 12th January 2018 

With it being a New Year there are now new School Councillors for Years One to Four who have been elected by their class to join the School Council for the Spring Term. They all received their badges in Praise Assembly and are eager to begin their new role

Spring term updates

Project 1:

The school council have set out some projects they would like to complete this term, the first project we started at the beginning of the Spring term was based on the councillors wanting a permanent bin in the playground. So they made a questionnaire to complete with questions they had chosen before eagerly completing them with their classes. They wanted to find out what their peers would want, and if it would promote fruit consumption at break times. 


Results are in: classes all agreed a permanent bin in the playground would be well received, with the majority of children saying they would eat more fruit at break times knowing they had a bin to put it in.


Following our results: We are happy to announce the installation of a green recycling bin for fruit waste near the Year 4 mobile classrooms for children to use at break times. We are happy say the fruit waste will be recycled into our compost pile in the conservation area. The councillors have been so pleased to see people using the bin including staff, and hope it will promote and encourage children to enjoy fruit at break times.



Project 2:

The school council have been enjoying all the new equipment in the playground for play times, and had some ideas on how to improve and change the activities. They decided to gather back feedback from their classes to see how they were getting on with all the activities and feed them back to Mrs Owens, play equipment leader. 

Results coming soon!